Obituary of Josiah Hedges from the Tiffin (Ohio) Tribune in 1858

header of obituary from newspaper An obituary for Josiah Hedges, brother of "General" James Hedges and also the founder of the city of Tiffin, Ohio in the United States. If I've made any errors in copying this document, please let me know, so I can correct them.

Last Will and Testament of "General" James Hedges of Richland, Ohio (Transcript)

signature, possibly original, of James Hedges In honor of Independence Day, I've typed out the handwritten text from the Last Will and Testament of a military ancestor of mine: "General" James Hedges, who died in October 1854 near Mansfield, Ohio in the United States. It's possible that the signature you see in this image may be his original handwriting! If I've made any errors in copying this document, please let me know, so I can correct them.

How to extract, edit, and then re-compress XML from a gramps family tree export file

family tree export icon from gramps A quick tip for data geeks on how to access the text-editable XML version of a gramps export file and then to re-format it to import back into the gramps genealogy software. This assumes you can do a tiny bit of command line typing.

Where to research political candidates for elections in DeKalb County, Georgia

DeKalb County sealA detailed follow-up to my introductory post on how to research political candidates, this post lists the best tools for researching candidates and offices for the 2014 elections in DeKalb County, Georgia.

UPDATE: Added a quickstart section.

Plan your Chunks! Win the Future with Information Architecture NOW

hands covered in henna patterns, holding the Drupal iconMy slides from the information architecture-focused presentation I gave at Drupal Camp Pune 2014 on April 5, 2014 (at 4:30pm IST/7:00am EDT). If you saw me live, you got to have a laugh when a random virtual "guest" decided to hangout in my presentation.

Genetics in family history (Roots Tech 2014)

black and white photo of Barbara McClintock, famous geneticist, using her microscope (from Smithsonian)My (mostly readable and occasionally incomplete) notes from the "Introduction to DNA for genealogists" RootsTech 2014 live video lecture. I've also included some helpful internet resources I found at the end of this post.