How to create and use Dreamweaver templates, part 1: introduction

Dreamweaver logoAn overview of some of the basic concepts, tools, and options available in Dreamweaver Templates (DWT). These notes are particular to the CS3 version, but many will apply to other versions, as well.

Dreamweaver template regions: best practices

Dreamweaver logoLearn about the major types of regions in a Dreamweaver template (DWT), examples of how to use regions to create flexible design elements, and common pitfalls to avoid.

Server side includes: how to avoid Dreamweaver library items

Dreamweaver logoLibrary items in Dreamweaver are often used to create repeated elements (such as navigation menus or footers) on every page of a web site. However, updating Library items involves touching EVERY SINGLE PAGE that item resides on: a real developer no-no. One of the best solutions to this problem is server-side includes (SSI).

How to hide web pages, folders, or your entire site from search engines: robots.txt

Good search engines (Yahoo, Google, etc.) will leave designated parts of your web site alone if you ask them nicely.

Best free software for cheap (I mean, frugal) web developers ...and everyone else

Best free software for: protecting your computer, developing web sites, and having fun/being productive.  I assume you have a Windows machine because they're cheap (unless you're a REAL techie who uses Linux and builds their own computer, in which case, this blog entry is probably beneath you).

How to search Google and library databases

When searching library databases - or Google, for that matter, it is helpful to have the following arrows in one's quiver: boolean logic, truncation, and proximity operators.