James Hedges of Ohio in Army registers, 1812-1815

example army register entry listing James as a Captain in 1814The federal military career of James Hedges (Mansfield, Richland, Ohio) in the War of 1812, as given in United States Army register lists. James was in the regular army and not in the state militia, though he may have been in the militia after the War of 1812.

Obituary of Goodman Lazarus from News and Observer (Raleigh, North Carolina) in 1945

header of obituary from newspaper Obituary for Goodman Lazarus in the News & Observer newspaper of Raleigh, North Carolina from 1945.

How to play the old Oregon Trail video game on your computer

oregon trail in green letters

Do you have fond memories of playing Oregon Trail on ancient computers? Re-capture that joy by playing the game for FREE on your Windows computer, using just a few simple steps!

Updated: added easy ways to play online (with any computer) at the Internet Archive.

Estate of Peter Frank (Senior) of Adams, Indiana in 1875

header of estate papers An abstract of basic facts, as well as a downloadable PDF of three estate records for Peter Frank, Senior, of Adams county, Indiana in 1875 and 1878. I have another blog post that gives an abstract and transcript of Peter's will.

Marriage record of Mary Florence Ruckman and Wilbert Laverne Pence of Whitley, Indiana in 1899

header of marriage register page Abstract (as well as links to original document images) of the marriage record of Mary Florence Ruckman and Wilbert Laverne Pence in Whitley, Indiana, United States from 1899.

Obituaries of Mary Florence Ruckman Pence from the Columbia City (Indiana) Commercial Mail in 1967

header of obituary from newspaper Three obituaries for Mary Florence Ruckman Pence of Whitley county, Indiana from 1967.