CSA Haul: 2010-10-24

Small Farms CSA on Wordpress New this week: nothing new, but the we're SUPER excited about the sweet potatoes!


CSA Haul: 2010-10-17

New this week: edamame (soy beans), daikon radishes, napa cabbage, sweet turnips.

Joe says we'll be getting the first of our massive frozen hens in the next week or two.  And that, despite the switcheroo of Joe moving to Gaia Gardens, this CSA will keep going strong. Small Farms CSA subscriptions will begin again (after finishing this November) and start distributing around April of next year.

CSA Haul: 2010-10-10

Small Farms CSA on Wordpress New this week: watermelon radishes.

Joe recommends these sliced REALLY thinly and put on sandwiches (perhaps with a bit of butter and salt).

Apparently, root vegetables, like radishes, can keep for fairly long once separated from their greens. Who knew?

How to start an ordered list at a specific number in XHTML

W3C LogoTo my horror, XHTML deprecated the start attribute for numbered (ordered) lists, the one that allowed us to start the list at a specific numerical value (other than 1).  Well, scream no more: here's how to do this simple task in XHTML, with a few, short lines of code.

Twitter highlights for Sunday of the 2010 LITA National Forum

conference logoWere you unable to attend the 2010 LITA National Forum in Atlanta? Find twitter streams a bit overwhelming, lacking in context, or chronologically confusing?

Here is your solution: a re-organized, select set of relevant and/or funny tweets for each of the talks given on Sunday. Please post comments if I've missed any particularly good tweets!

I'll also be posting links to the slides, when I can find them. I've also posted similar summaries for the other days of the LITA conference, including: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

CSA Haul: 2010-10-03

New this week: grazing greens; grass-fed beef; green tomatoes.

According to Joe, 'tis now the season of greens and roots - yum!

Update: Even though I don't like spicy very much, sauteed greens with onions and rice vinegar can be made even MORE delicious by adding Cholula chili garlic hot sauce!