Drupal's BadCamp: Berkeley, California

badcamp directional signThis DrupalCamp, held in Berkeley, involved lots of delicious food and great conversations...and a few Occupy Berkeley signs, too.

How to Debug Drupal and LAMP

Atlanta Drupal Users Group logo Using a more scientific method & customer-centric approach to debugging Drupal, rather than randomly trying things, will greatly increase your productivity.

This presentation was given by Robert Ristroph at DrupalCamp Atlanta 2011.

Equally importantly, Rob gives specific tips and tools for debugging common problems in the different parts of a Drupal installation.

If my notes in this post are not enough, you can also watch a video of Rob's similar presentation in June at the Colorado DrupalCamp.

Web Design with the Brain in Mind

attention symbolDo you have to design a web site, but you have no graphic design training? Are you a designer, but need evidence-based research to justify your design decisions?  If either of these apply to you, I've got a poster and paper that will help.

Updated: new book recommendation!

Medlock Park Graffiti: Decatur, Georgia

robotic faceThis park is great for walking your dog. You almost feel like you are in a state park, rather than Decatur!

Mobile, Responsive & Adaptive: Tweet archive from DrupalCon London 2011

DrupalCon London logo A big meme at DrupalCon London this year was mobile, so I've arranged the tweets that featured the words "mobile", "responsive" or "adaptive" by the sessions to which they belong. 

Let me know in the comments if I missed any tweets or have placed them with the incorrect session.

Hope you enjoy this archive and that you start getting some Drupal 7 Theming ideas!

How to publish your university catalog and class schedules online using the Cascade Server CMS

faculty bio sketchOver the last 2 years, Emory College has used Cascade Server to publish our academic catalog and semester class schedules to the web. Learn the trials, tribulations, and successes we've encountered along the way with data definitions, indexing, and web services.

Updates: Latest versions of Faculty bio code in August. Notes on further indexing-related changes and print-version styles explained via comment in April. Data definitions and stylesheets in February.