Army appointment of James Hedges from Belmont, Ohio in 1812

header of articleReport in 1812 (originally from Belmont, Ohio newspaper) via Marietta newspaper of James Hedges' appointment in the U.S. Army, at same time as Joseph Larwell's commission.


"New Army", appointment of James Hedges, Western Spectator (Marietta, Ohio), 21 March 1812 (Saturday), page 3; microfilmed newspaper, roll 25190, Ohio History Connection, Columbus, Ohio, United States.


We understand that the following appointments, among others, have been made in the additional army of the U. States. [Belmont Repository.]

  • Genral Miller, (Printer,) of Steubenville, Lieutenant-Colonel.
  • George Todd, Major.
  • William Elliot, Captain.
  • James Hedges, 1st Lieut. Cavalry.
  • Sam'l P. Booker, 1st Lieut Infantry.
  • Josehp H. Larwell, 1st Lieut. Artillery.
  • Henry Fredericks and Robert Morrison, 2d Lieuts. Infantry.
  • Bathal Harrison and ____ Milligan, Ensigns.
  • Dr. Mervin, Surgeons Mate.


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