Mobile, Responsive & Adaptive: Tweet archive from DrupalCon London 2011

DrupalCon London logo A big meme at DrupalCon London this year was mobile, so I've arranged the tweets that featured the words "mobile", "responsive" or "adaptive" by the sessions to which they belong. 

Let me know in the comments if I missed any tweets or have placed them with the incorrect session.

Hope you enjoy this archive and that you start getting some Drupal 7 Theming ideas!


Keynote: The State of Drupal

  1. @Dries @drupalcon lets talk native mobile!
  2. #drupalcon mobile development is 2nd biggest opportunity for drupal
  3. Top #Drupal opportunities based on survey - replacing legacy systems, mobile and IT cost reduction. #dupalconkeynote #drupalcon
  4. D8 initiative scorecard: native html5/css3; media/asset handling; usability; mobile support; wysiwyg; better API's; ...#drupalcon
  5. convert all existing themes in drupal 8 to be mobile friendly? #drupalcon #drupalconkeynote
  6. Mobile support a top priority for Drupal 8, HTML5 & responsive design are critical. #drupalcon
  7. generic native mobile app for Drupal... that's a cool idea #drupalcon
  8. RT: @Crell: "We should convert all our core themes to HTML5/responsive." Via @Dries. +100! #drupalcon
  9. Drupal 8 Initiatives! html5 and mobile support :) #drupal #DrupalCon
  10. RT @eresus: Mobile support a top priority for #Drupal 8, #HTML5 & responsive design are critical. #drupalcon
  11. wysiwyg, html5, responsive design, etc. For these #Drupal needs up to date jQuery releases in core #drupalcon
  12. RT @srijan: RT: @Crell: "We should convert all our core themes to HTML5/responsive." Via @Dries. +100! #drupalcon
  13. DrupalCon London: The Torvalds of Drupal pledges HTML5 mobile love: So many coders, only one Dries. One of the prima…
  14. @Dries is advocating for mobile first mental model. #Drupalcon
  15. Excited to hear @dries suggest in his keynote making all the core #Drupal themes mobile friendly and #responsive. #drupalcon
  16. DrupalCon London The Torvalds of Drupal pledges HTML5 mobile love (The Register)

The Path to a Mobile Drupal: Techniques, Tools and Failure

by @JohnAlbin (D.O. Profile) - Tuesday, 10:45 AM

  1. Tuesday of @drupalcon is going to be packed with #mobile awesomesauce. First my presentation then a core conversation on responsive content…
  2. The path to a Mobile Drupal: techniques, tools and failure in Concert Hall, 12:45am @JohnAlbin
  3. #drupalcon mobile app is done with titanium. I wounder if phonegap would be a better choice?
  4. The Path to a Mobile Drupal: Techniques, Tools and Failure. By the genius @johnAlbin #drupalcon@tdskateTuesday 10:51 AM
  5. The Path to a Mobile Drupal at #drupalcon currently delayed by technical problems. Men on floor playing with cables is the topic so far :)
  6. #drupalcon waiting for The Path To A Mobile Drupal to start :) there's a sea of MacBooks!
  7. The Wile E. Coyote Method of Mobile Development with @johnalbin at #drupalcon :)
  8. Mobile layout approaches: #drupalcon @JohnAlbin
  9. Good to see that the current mobile session is talking a CSS3 and responsive designs,.Mine later today will not cover it :) #drupalcon
  10. @Hicksdesign your responsive site is currently centre stage at #drupalcon Nice job!
  11. The Path to a Mobile Drupal people.. this is the book @johnalbin mentions: It's an excellent read. #drupalcon
  12. "Responsive webdesign" by Ethan Marcotte recommended by John Albin Wilkins in "The path to a mobile Drupal". I agree. #drupalcon
  13. @Hicksdesign's site used as a responsive web design example in the mobile session #drupalcon
  14. Listening to @JohnAlbin speaking about Mobile Drupal: Adaptive designs, flexible grids and images. Interesting stuff. #drupalcon
  15. Resize width to reveal adaptive design fun: #drupalcon
  16. Point of the Mobile Web session: don't be reactive, be adaptive. Find breakpoint in the design, not based on the device. #drupalcon #london
  17. #drupalcon Mobile session attendees remember: a pixel is not a pixel is not a pixel -
  18. Mobile Web session: iphone is doing it wrong for specialized mobile designs (960 viewportsize) -- interesting stuff. #drupalcon #london
  19. Mobile web pres: Android is pioneering a dpi-based system to scale fonts on mobile devices. #digit #drupalcon #london
  20. The Wile E. Coyote Method of Mobile Development :) #drupalcon #mobile
  21. Meta tags come back in handy to zoom on mobile devices #drupalcon
  22. Mobile web: IE6-8 dont support CSS3 media: shocker! Could b worse: they could poorly apply rules instead of ignoring #drupalcon #london
  23. John Albin Wilkins #drupalcon: Make #mobile your default. Content first.
  24. I like the "content first" instead of "mobile first" in adaptive design session on #DrupalCon
  25. Mobile web: Good designing = Design for MOBILE FIRST, focusing on *content* #drupalcon #london
  26. Mobile web: Losing 80% of your screen space, forces you to focus #drupalcon #london
  27. Mobile First approach - keep at least one design style outside media queries, and why not use the one for mobile first! #drupalcon
  28. So site owners will stop making bad decisions if we just tell them they need to do responsive design? #drupalcon
  29. Mobile devices: what should we support? A: hmm pick a couple, and design responsibly #drupalcon #london
  30. mobile web: "you'll miss IE6 when new browsers emerge. It's the devil, but a devil we know" #drupalcon #london
  31. Mobile web: The #drupal Advantage = ability to fail & recover thanks to the community. #drupalcon #london
  32. Designing for mobile first forces you to think about what's important in the websites. -- John Albin Wilkins na #Drupalcon
  33. teehee "you will miss theh days of IE6" forecast by @JohnAlbin on mobile browser proliferation #drupalcon
  34. @lukew Trying to reach after Mobile Drupal talk #drupalcon. Site error, or is it us?
  35. flexible/responsive/mobile image handling in Drupal: #drupalcon@zerolabTuesday 11:37 AM
  36. Excellent session on mobile drupal and responsive design by @JohnAlbin in #drupalcon: powerful techniques available for a complex ecosystem!
  37. @JohnAlbin Question at back: How do you have different mobile content, e.g. a simple version of a form, respond on the same URL? #drupalcon
  38. The Path to Mobile Drupal: LiveBlog of Session from DrupalCon London by @JohnAlbin

Web Typography & Drupal: Putting Arial Out To Pasture

by @jpamental (D.O. Profile) - Tuesday, 1:00 PM

  1. "Designing for Mobile First" has been canceled, session in Axis 12 is on Typography. Schedule should be updated 'shortly' #Drupalcon
  2. “Responsive Typography” @jpamental / #drupalcon #webfonts

Responsive Content: Re-architecting the Basic Page, Render API, etc.

by @JohnAlbin (D.O. Profile) - Tuesday, 1:00 PM

  1. Responsive Content: Re-architecting the Basic Page, Render API, etc. in Centennial Suite, 1:00pm @JohnAlbin
  2. ok the reason I can't see the android #drupalcon app is my phone screen is small. so much for responsive design, eh? #fail
  3. Lots of plugs for @beep's book today at #drupalcon Responsive Design is a big topic here
  4. RT @ostraining Path to #Mobile #Drupal - LiveBlog Summary by @JohnAlbin at #DrupalCon London
  5. core talk on responsive content #DrupalCon #coreconversation
  6. @MarcDrummond @JohnAlbin Hurray for Responsive Web Design! #DrupalCon

Bridging the Gap Between Desktop and Mobile Publishing with Drupal

by @twom (D.O. Profile) - Tuesday, 5:00 PM

  1. Bridging the Gap Between Desktop and Mobile Publishing with Drupal in Concert Hall, 7:00pm @twom
  2. Mobile Context looks cool #drupalcon
  3. Nearing the end of day 2 of #drupalcon. Attending a session for building for mobile - the now of the 'nextgen' that should be
  4. #javascript for #mobile detection - you should give a try ;) #html5boilerplate #drupalcon

Drupal as Base System For Your iPhone Android iPad Apps

by @sumitk (D.O. Profile) - Wednesday, 3:00 PM

  1. Want to learn #mobile app development with #drupal? You must see @sumitk’s #DrupalCon session!
  2. Drupal as a base for mobile apps fills the auditorium for the 3rd DrupalCon in a row... interest is undoubtedly peaking in mobile #drupalcon
  3. Watching a presentation on Drupal and Titanium Appcelerator for mobile apps using Drupal services #drupalcon
  4. Watched @sumitk talk about mobile apps and demo #drupalcon #drupal
  5. Erratic internet and strange pacing of the drupal mobile app session #drupalcon
  6. Appcelerator's Titanium looks like a great way to build native mobile apps that tie into Drupal installs. #drupalcon
  7. getting very bored in the mobile app session, everyone (including me) is hogging wifi #drupalcon
  8. In using drupal as a platform for mobile apps, so far sales pitch for titanium, need to see the druapl backend #drupalcon
  9. Inspired by @jeffnoyes on ux, @tomstandage on social media & @sumitk on mobile apps, confused by Node.js , want to help WYSIWYG. #drupalcon

Keynote: Designing the Sustainable Web

by @standardistas - Thursday, 9:00 AM

  1. Launching a responsive design Drupal site while waiting for the #DrupalCon London keynote.
  2. Polishing our #drupalcon keynote and we're looking for sites that comprise HTML5, responsive design and great typography. Any ideas folks?
  3. The @standardistas suggesting you go and buy the @abookapart books, especially html5 for designers and responsive web design #DrupalCon
  4. The web was responsive from the start. Until this came up: #drupalcon
  5. The @standardistas talking about responsive web design and showing @Colly's site, which is indeed beautiful. #DrupalCon
  6. Great example of responsive design: (minimize your browser window to see). #drupalcon
  7. "Designing the Sustainable Web" by The Web Standardistas #drupalcon Beautiful adaptive design: 9:59 AM
  8. @ryanhavoc yep that's you on the big screen at @drupalcon, @standardistas talking about responsive design :)
  9. Inspired by today's #drupalcon keynote I am taking another look at responsive design
  10. Great Keynote! @standardistas Another example of a mobile first responsive design: :-) #drupalcon #drupalconkeynote

Adaptive, Responsive, Mobile First and Drupal Theming for the Future with HTML5, CSS3 and Omega

by @himerus (D.O. Profile) - Thursday, 11:00 AM

  1. Also, don't miss my session Thursday at @drupalcon! It's going to be responsive, mobile, and filled with surprises!
  2. Our #Drupalcon Twitter directory is based on the Omega theme by @himerus from @develgeeks - it means it's mobile-ready:
  3. @himerus @drupalcon Looking forward to hearing the Himerus talk tomorrow. Omega kicks ass! Mobile first + Omega is top of agenda post Dcon.
  4. Next: Adaptive, Responsive, Mobile First and Drupal Theming for the Future with HTML5, CSS3 and Omega #Drupalcon
  5. Waiting for the first real #drupalcon session of today: Adaptive, Responsive, Mobile First and Drupal Theming by @himerus. #drupalcon
  6. Keynote over 'sustainable web' (van de Standardistas) gehad en nu presentatie over Responsive Design. It's in the air. #drupalcon #tamtam
  7. At @himerus' Adaptive, Responsive, Mobile First & Drupal Theming for the Future with HTML5, CSS3 & Omega #drupalcon
  8. About to learn something about Omega at #drupalcon. Adaptive, responsive, mobile first, html5... all on the first slide so sounds promising!
  9. #drupalcon Good luck getting clients to think about mobile first for adaptive design! It's usually a later-phase upsell @himerus
  10. Responsive web design is not just for trendy mac owning web designers @himerus drupalcon
  11. "we will do a mobile version in phase two" #reality vs #mobilefirst#responsivewebdesign #Drupalcon@bertboerlandThursday 11:06 AM
  12. Epilepsy attack waiting to happen at Adaptive, Responsive, Mobile and Theming. Sidescreens hurt eyes :( #drupalcon
  13. Mobile first makes sense for sites and apps that are viewed, well mobile first. #drupalcon
  14. Responsive design at #drupalcon - How do I explain to my clients that a laptop is not a mobile device?
  15. Le mobile et HTML5 est le grand gagnant de cette #drupalcon. Responsive webdesign en est la clé.
  16. Some responsive examples in drupal: @himerus #DrupalCon
  17. Other examples of responsive layouts: , @himerus #DrupalCon
  18. I used the js method to make my site more responsive ( #drupalcon
  19. “The Road to Responsive …is paved with the tears of the kittens we kill” Jake Strawn getting #DrupalCon back on track. Already enlightened.
  20. Great analysis of width detection methods for mobile by @himerus at #drupalcon
  21. #drupalcon @himerus says adapt.js and "mobile 1st" are the keys to a site displaying across all devices - try his Omega theme for Drupal
  22. "don't worry about shadows are pixel perfect in every browser, care about your website on mobile platforms!" #responsivedesign #DrupalCon
  23. Important to note about responsive: mobile does not always mean a slower connection speed! #drupalcon
  24. Responsive design, mobile first en .... een huwelijksaanzoek? Drupalcon blijft verrassen!
  25. @himerus - gr8 session, even better having built my own responsive theme. much better understanding of what you've done w/omega. #drupalcon
  26. Mobile forces you to focus! Do you want to see the same on a website with a handheld as you do with a desktop? #drupalcon (via @martijndwit)
  27. @kaelle76 I'm checking out the design based talks, quite a lot of responsive design stuff on today! #drupalcon
  28. responsive image sizing resource (one way to skin the cat) #drupalcon cc @himerus
  29. Stop sending mobile phones the full image resources and help test the Responsive Images module - #drupalcon
  30. #omega theme responds to the orientation of your tablet and mobile devices. check it out! #drupal #drupalcon
  31. Adaptive, Responsive, Mobile First and Drupal Theming for the Future #DrupalCon
  32. RT @jpamental: responsive image sizing resource (one way to skin the cat) #drupalcon cc @himerus
  33. Doing #mobile #html5 and stuff like that with #drupal. Should have a look on that : #drupalcon
  34. "would you rather have mobile or would you rather have rounded corners in IE6?" good q. #drupalcon #omega
  35. this time with a link (via @BarisW ) - responsive images in Drupal: #drupalcon cc @himerus
  36. For awesome Omega Drupal Theme follow @himerus and @thefubhy - Mobile first theme #drupalcon #theming
  37. Flexslider is one of the responsive jquery slider plugins #DrupalCon #responsivewebdesign
  38. or you can do it without the CMS #drupalcon
  39. Mobile ecommerce in the UK is currently pushing 4-5% //cc @himerous#omega#drupal #drupalcon
  40. “@nlisgo: #omega theme responds to the orientation of your tablet and mobile devices. check it out! #drupal #drupalcon” awesome
  41. RT @martijndwit: Flexslider is one of the responsive jquery slider plugins #DrupalCon #responsivewebdesign
  42. #Drupalcon session Responsive design for mobile, Omega theme is a 'mobile first' design for D7 based on dynamic grids.
  43. RT @BV_Nick #Drupalcon session Responsive design for mobile, Omega theme is a 'mobile first' design for D7 based on dynamic grids.
  44. @himerus thanks for the @FourKitchens shoutout during your #drupalcon presentation!
  45. Here's the link to the responsive design presentation where our site for @beatstocker was mentioned. (11:11) #drupalcon
  46. Good all-topic talk by @TheEconomist team. @himerus also helpfully demonstrated further that "responsive" was the week's keyword. #DrupalCon
  47. RT @adyax: Doing #mobile #html5 and stuff like that with #drupal. Should have a look on that : #drupalcon

Marriage Proposal

by @himerus (D.O. Profile) - Thursday, 11:30 AM

  1. amazing! live marriage proposal in responsive design session - she said yes! #drupalcon
  2. ... y a la mitad de la conferencia sobre adaptive layouts el geek le pide matrimonio a su chica y regresa a hablar sobre grids #DrupalCon
  3. Presenter just proposed to his girlfriend as part of the responsive web session #drupalcon
  4. She said yes! You just missed a marriage proposal in the Axis 12 Room.
  5. Just saw @himerus present about omega theme and responsive design, and then propose to his girlfriend. #drupalcon 11:32 AM
  6. nerd love @drupalcon = mid-session marriage proposal. Congrats to @himerus! (But will the wedding website feature responsive design?)
  7. #drupalcon marriage proposal from speaker to girlfriend as part of responsive design for mobile session, she said yes, then took questions.
  8. [VIDEO Official] If you want to see possibly the best part of #Drupalcon London 2011: Skip to 29:30 :-) #drupallove
  9. #drupallove LATEST: @himerus + @bymiche just confirmed their wedding website will indeed be designed mobile first. :) #drupalcon
  10. Congratulations to @himerus and @bymiche who got engaged today during a session on #omega at #drupalcon London
  11. [VIDEO 2] Congrats @himerus will this be the first Drupal wedding?! #drupallove #drupalcon @makakman
  12. [VIDEO 3] The video you've all been waiting for: #drupallove @DamienMcKenna

Drupal 8 User Experience Sprint

  1. RT @lewisnyman Purchased Preparing test sites and testing guides for #Drupal #mobile #usability sprint at #DrupalCon
  2. Come join the Drupal 8 UX sprint tomorrow! Bring your mobile devices, we are going to be usability testing #drupalcon
  3. Docs sprint is on full swing, mobile testing and multilingual going on as well among other sprints. #drupalcon #earlymorning


  1. …a special mobile event at 2pm and a Birds of a Feather session on responsive design. And that's just the first day of @drupalcon.
  2. Web Spiders at Drupalcon London (22nd-26th Aug). Drop along for a chat to see how we integrate Drupal with Mobile, web, social media & print
  3. You know its a #drupalcon flight when you get text messages from other passengers letting you know your mobile hotspots was left on!
  4. Just finished selecting sessions to attend for Tuesday with the brilliant #Drupalcon app for iPhone.
  5. Off to #DrupalCon tomorrow in #Croydon#London to pick up some tips on creating websites mobile devices #iPhone#Android#Tablet can use
  6. RT @drupalcon And the mobile apps are officially ready and out for #drupalcon !
  7. Our #drupalcon London crossword is now available online! Just download the puz file to your iPad or mobile device
  8. The theme for the #Drupalcon Module Developer Challenge is "Mobile" - break Drupal out of the desktop and win prizes
  9. @matason @capgemini @drupalcon You should hook it up to @LINGsCARS mobile missile launcher :-)
  10. Less than 90 minutes left for the Developer Challenge at #drupalcon. Get your "mobile" entries in by 16:00:
  11. Talk to mobile experts Web Spiders at #DrupalCon and chance to win Batman Live tickets for tonight at o2arena
  12. Find out how we helped Alcatel Mobile Phones build an online campaign. Visit our booth at #drupalcon
  13. “@markboultondsg: Pleased to announce new responsive site for @WorldSkillsLDN launched last week.” well timed #DrupalCon
  14. Bof: Want to make training better at #DrupalCon please doodle when you can meet see here too
  15. @ltanglo please see this doodle to schedule bof re: DrupalCon training
  16. Awesome! #Drupalcon Denver just announced that @lukew will be one of the keynote speakers in March! Mobile first, ftw!
  17. Working on a presentation for "Social Media & Mobile Integration" for the #Drupal#NYC Meetup on the 7th :) #Drupalcon @drupalcampnyc
  18. Well #drupalcon rocked, but not enough about mobile for my liking. Tonight will see 1000s of drunk geeks trying get laid in Croydon LOL
  19. Thanks to @mobilevikings mobile data roaming at #drupalcon was cheap as hell. #yourock
  20. I'll be speaking at Drupalcon Denver on Mobile Application Development. #drupalcon #mobile
  21. Our #Drupalcon Twitter directory is based on the Omega theme by @himerus from @develgeeks - it means it's mobile-ready:


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