Estate of George Sleeseman of Whitley, Indiana in 1877

header of estate papers An abstract of basic facts, as well as a downloadable PDF of the probate notes for George Sleeseman's estate, from Whitley county, Indiana in 1877.

Citations and File

Download 2MB PDF of these estate notes

1. George Sleeseman estate administration notice, filed September 1877, p. 78, vol. D, Probate Order Books, Whitley, Indiana.

2. George Sleeseman estate sale notice, filed April 1879, p. 130, vol. D, Probate Order Books, Whitley, Indiana.

3. George Sleeseman estate sale report, filed April 1879, p. 135, vol. D, Probate Order Books, Whitley, Indiana.

4. George Sleeseman estate final settlement, filed February 1880, pp. 175-176, vol. D, Probate Order Books, Whitley, Indiana.

Administration notice (September 1877)

  • Johnson Riley appointed administrator for estate
  • permission granted to sell personal property at private sale

Sale notice (April 1879)

  • Administrator files proof of publication for notices about sale of real estate

Sale report (April 1879)

  • Administrator files report of sale of personal property

Final settlement (February 1880)

Lists the recipients of estate (heirs), along with each one's signature or mark [asterisk before name indicates signature, not just their mark]:

  1. Priscella Slessman [widow]
  2. *Susan Baron
  3. Demarius Lester (by Pricilla Slessman)
  4. Lucetta Smith
  5. Jacob Slessman
  6. Isaac Slessman (by Pricilla Slessman)
  7. John Slessman (by Pricilla Slessman)
  8. *Priscella Rittenmour
  9. Catherine Kechs (by *David Keck)
  10. *Siemon Slessman
  11. *Wesley Slessman
  12. Mary Slessman (Mary Delcamp)
  13. *Ellen Slessman (Hannah E. Slessman)