Marriage record of Valeria Frank and John Sipe of Darke, Ohio in 1873

header of marriage register page Abstract (and link to online image of original document) for the marriage record of Valeria Frank and John H. Sipe in Darke, Ohio, United States from 1873.

Citation and File

Marriage of Valeria Frank and John H. Sipe, 27 February 1873, Darke County Probate Court; Marriage Record Book D, page 22, License #68; Ohio, United States (


  • Bride: Valearia Frank [at least 18 years of age, no husband living, resident of county]
  • Groom: John H. Sipe [at least 21 years of age, no wife living, not nearer kin than second cousins, makes his mark]
  • Officiant: W. K. Kerlin [spelling?], J. P.
  • Probate Judge: Jos. T. Meekers [spelling?]
  • Licence Issued: 27 February 1873
  • Certificate Filed: 27 February 1873
  • Marriage Date: 27 February 1873