Obituary of Amy (Puterbaugh) Frank from the Eaton (Ohio) Register in 1894

header of obituary from newspaper An obituary for Amy (Puterbaugh) Frank from the Eaton Register (Preble, Ohio) in 1894.


"Sad death of Mrs. Wilson Frank", obituary of Amy Puterbaugh, 1 November 1894 (Thursday), page 8, col. 3, Eaton Register; Preble, Ohio, United States; microfilmed newspaper, roll 20465; Ohio History Connection, Columbus, Ohio.

Transcript [paragraphs and emphasis added]

Tuesday evening [Oct. 30] Mrs. Wilson Frank met with a terrible accident that resulted in her death this Wednesday [Oct. 31] morning.

Her husband and hired hand were engaged in loading a wagon with hay from the barn mow, using a portable platform to lower the hay to the wagon. It was getting late in the evening and Mrs. Frank went to the barn to assist her husband in getting the wagon loaded. Mr. Frank tried to persuade her not to help, as she had never done any of that kind of work before, and that they could soon load it without her. But she insisted on helping, in order that they might get through with the loading sooner.

Mr. Frank finally consented to let her help. He put her on the platform and for some reason it got unbalanced and tipped over, throwing her about 16 feet to the ground. She alighted on the back of her head and shoulders, causing concussion of the brain and hemorrhage at the base of the brain.

Dr. Small was immediately sent for and found that recovery was impossible, and that death would result in a short time. About 3 o'clock this morning the doctor was again sent for, she having grown decidely worse, and he pronounced death only a few hours off. She died about 7 o'clock this morning.

How sad such a death, and how the pity and sympathy of the community go out for the sorrowing husband and five motherless children.

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