Obituary of Ellzey Hedges from the Cleveland (Ohio) Plain Dealer in 1865

header of obituary from newspaper An obituary for Ellzey Hedges of Mansfield, Ohio, a brother of "General" James Hedges.

Citation and Online Images

"Another Old Citizen Gone," obituary of Ellzey Hedges, 9 November 1865 (Thursday evening), page 2, column 2; Cleveland Plain Dealer, newspaper; Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States.

Transcript of Obituary

Mr. Elzy Hedges, an old and highly respected citizen, died on Monday last [6 November?]. He had long been a merchant of this city of the firm of E. & C. Hedges - was a quiet, unobtrusive man, and leaves a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn their loss. He was 73 [78?] years old, and the oldest merchant in the city. "[Mansfield Shield and Banner]"