Obituary of "General" James Hedges from the Martinsburg (West Virginia) Gazette in 1854

header of obituary from newspaper An obituary for "General" James Hedges of Mansfield, Ohio from 1854.

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Gen. James Hedges, obituary, Martinsburg (West Virginia) Gazette, 13 December 1854; microfilmed newspaper, microfilm 24, roll 12; Martinsburg Public Library, 101 West King Street, Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States.

Transcript of Obituary [paragraphs]

Gen. JAMES HEDGES, a veteran officer and com-patriot of Gen. Harrison in the war of 1812, died recently at Mansfield, Ohio. 

Gen. Hedges was a native of Virginia, and descended from Solomon Hedges, Esq., one of the early pioneers and first settlers of Berkeley, and an associate of Washington in his surveying excursions in this part of Virginia.

He was a brave soldier, an accomplished officer, and rendered invaluable service to his country in her second struggle with Great Britain. He stood a faithful and vigilant sentinel upon his country's watch-tower for years, and gallantly defended the infant settlements of the "Far West" from the tomahawk and scalping knife of the merciless Indians, defeating them in many a desperate fight.

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