Obituary of H. Oppert from Clayton Courier (Alabama) in 1892

cover of book Obituary for H. Oppert of Clayton, Barbour, Alabama from 1892.


Obituary of H. Oppert, 2 Apr 1892 (Saturday); Clayton Courier, newspaper; Barbour, Alabama, United States; transcript on page 17 of Foley (1976), "Obituaries from Barbour County, Alabama, newspapers, 1890-1905."

Transcript of Transcript

Died last Saturday [26 March] at his home in Clayton, Mr. H. Oppert, aged 76 years [born about 1816].

On Monday [28 March], Miss Mattie, one of his daughters died, and on Wednesday [30 March], Miss Gussie, another daughter died, making three out of the family in less than a week.