Profile of James Hedges (d. 1854) from historical Richland county (Ohio) book in 1880

building sketch with hedges block caption Profile of Gen. James Hedges (d. 1854) from historical Richland county (Ohio) book in 1880.


"Gen. James Hedges," History of Richland county, Ohio. 1880 (A. A. Graham, Mansfield, OH), pages 707-708, accessed on the Internet Archive at

Transcript of Profile [paragraphs, emphasis and lists added]

HEDGES, JAMES, GEN. (deceased); he was the sixth son of Charles Hedges, who was a resident of Eastern Virginia; the family consisted of nine sons and two daughters, as follows —

  1. Joseph,
  2. Samuel,
  3. Elijah,
  4. John,
  5. Josiah,
  6. James,
  7. Hiram,
  8. Otho,
  9. Ellzey,
  10. Sarah and
  11. Mary;

of these sons,

  • Joseph, Samuel, Hiram and Otho settled in Virginia, and remained there during all their lives;
  • Elijah removed to Fairfield Co., Ohio, - where some of his descendants still reside;
  • John removed to Muskingum Co.;
  • James and Josiah first settled in Belmont Co., and, in 1812, Josiah Hedges was the Clerk of the courts of Belmont Co., and James Hedges was the Sheriff of the county, while the youngest brother, the late Ellzey Hedges, was acting as a deputy of both.

James Hedges was commissioned as Captain of cavalry in the United States army, and entered the military service, his younger brother, Ellzey, closed the office of Sheriff, and, in 1812, carried on foot the returns of the Presidential election to the capital of the State.

James Hedges, who was a surveyor, upon this trip entered the land on which Mansfield is built, and, after the war, resigned his commission, and settled at Mansfield; here for a time he was engaged in mercantile business with his brother, Josiah Hedges, who remained at St. Clairsville, Ohio, under the firm name of J. & .T. Hedges.

Gen. James Hedges died in Mansfield Oct. 4, 1854 [Wednesday].