Software and Technology list from RootsTech 2014

blue RootsTech logo A quick list of technology (new or with new features) mentioned in the twitter stream for RootsTech 2014 (please let me know if you learn of any more I should add!).

Research software

  • *Find-A-Record: Tells you what records exist in the place and time period that your ancestors lived. (nominee, 2014 RootsTech Developer Challenge) [Helpful: maybe I won't go searching for birth records that don't exist anymore!]
  • Evidentia: a source-first, evidence-based tool that makes it easier to follow the Genealogical Proof Standard. You can compare facts and sources, and can also generate Proof Reports.
  • ResearchTies: Records, stores and organizes many years of research, without any filing cabinets, boxes, or drawers (accounts and research logs are transferable to the next generation!).
  • KinPoint: saves the navigation and context of our family history research, since we often only have a small amount of time, weeks apart, to do family history research (used to be called "The Twenty Minute Genealogist"). [May be a competitor for ResearchTies.]
  • AncestorCloud: online show and tell (and research storage) for genealogists. [Another competitor for KinPoint & Research Ties?]
  • BillionGraves: new “Supporting Record” features [VERY excited we can now add evidence-based, well-sourced information to graves!]

Storytelling software

  • *Saving Memories Forever: use your smart phones as a mobile recording studio and then upload stories seamlessly to a private website (winner of 2014 RootsTech Developer Challenge).
  • TreeLines: curate and share the stories you uncover about your family tree (winner of 2013 RootsTech Developer Challenge).
  • StoryPress: save your spoken family stories. Record interviews with family members using this Pinterest-like software.
  • Storylava: organize your life story on an interactive storyboard, a next generation personal history platform (now in beta, but can sign up).
  • Rootspoint: for living people to interact with each other via dead people — essentially a Facebook for the dead.
  • asks the right questions to bring out the family stories worth saving and preserves your family history and everyday life experiences.

DNA software

  • A new pedigree numbering system that visibly displays ancestral lines and generations in multiple presentation formats.
  • Autosomal DNA Segment Analyzer: create a spreadsheet for you that will allow you to analyze your autosomal DNA matches (assumes your data is from FamilyTreeDNA).

Not yet categorized software

  • Gramps: free cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) software for researching, organizing and sharing your family tree.
  • Leaf: FREE power tools for FamilySearch (provided through the BYU Open Source Lab). [Develops a number of new programs which later become FamilySearch partners.]
  • *PhotoFaceMatch: uses facial recognition technology to help genealogists (nominee, 2014 RootsTech Developer Challenge).
  • Puzzilla: makes descendant charts of your family. [I can already create descendant fan charts in Gramps. This free service looks most helpful for people keeping tree data on FamilySearch.]
  • 2 new FamilySearch mobile apps: Family Tree Viewer & Family Memories; new Safari extension
  • online genealogy search and tree sharing service.
  • Ancestry: updated app now in Spanish
  • (@colleengreene) Family Map (from FamilySearch): iOS app
  • Inheritance: Choose-your-adventure style #genealogy game
  • (@ancestry) Some photo editing tools used by @AncestryInsider: Photoshop's Curves and [this is only on Windows, so I might use the cross-platform Pinta software instead.]
  • BackBlaze: online, encrypted backup service ($5/month)
  • (@JLowe615): Padlet
  • (@andrewfox) FindMyPast new app: Capture (Also adding PERSI index)


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