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AlterConf in Atlanta: diversity in tech for real (part 1)

AlterConf logoA quick synopsis (with help from twitter participants) of each awesome presentation at AlterConf in Atlanta, Georgia on February 28, 2015. This is part 1 of 2.

Catalyzing Drupal collaboration & coding at your institution

Rock Eagle logoEnjoy the slides, resources, and install profile code from my "Catalyzing Drupal Collaboration & Coding at Your Institution" presentation, given at Rock Eagle on October 25, 2012.

Christian Hospitality as Intentional Vulnerability

ironically inhospitable church parking sign: welcome church visitors, all others park elsewhere, violators will be towed at owner expense True godliness doesn't turn [humans] out of the world, but enables them to live better in it, and excites their endeavors to mend it. ~ William Penn

Grounded in the restorative theology of the Church of the Brethren, I give a detailed outline of my proposed theology of hospitality as being “intentional vulnerability.” I then explore the practical application of that theology through my model of a queer bible study. I conclude by briefly encouraging churches to adopt this theology of hospitality as central to their work.

How to research political candidates

A follow-up to the checklist of things to do before election day, this post gives an overview of 4 criteria for evaluating political candidates, seeing through distortion techniques, and 5 places voters might find candidate information.

Canadian ISP allows parody of Ralph Lauren's unhealthy model photoshop to stay

Big-headed ticked off Ralph Lauren by noting that, in this model's photo, "her head is bigger than her pelvis."   Thanks to for the image.

However, note the "" in that URL?  That's Google, who totally caved to Ralph Lauren's spurious copyright infringement claim.  Spurious, because parody is an excellent example of Fair Use.

Happily, BoingBoing is hosted by a Canadian company who is not subservient to the DCMA.

The lesson?  Host your controversial blog outside the U.S. :)

See the video of BoingBoing talking with Rachel Maddow.

Huge non-profit news coop and web 2.0: a match made in heaven

What are the technological and semantic web possibilities for the recently-formed Investigative News Network?

Online Voter Behavior and Needs: preliminary research

How can web developers make it easier for voters to keep government honest and make informed decisions in the voting booth? To begin to answer this question, I've done a preliminary survey of research on voter information behavior, especially as it relates to online usage.

Is web linking becoming illegal? A copyright case.

Yikes and copyright, Batman! Will hyperlinks be penned in and no longer free range? A big law firm tells a web site how they can and cannot link to the law firm's web site.

Georgia healthcare & government go transparent with new web sites

Georgia's Government rolled out two new websites in January, aimed at making government and healthcare more transparent in Georgia: