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How to extract, edit, and then re-compress XML from a gramps family tree export file

family tree export icon from gramps A quick tip for data geeks on how to access the text-editable XML version of a gramps export file and then to re-format it to import back into the gramps genealogy software. This assumes you can do a tiny bit of command line typing.

Genetics in family history (Roots Tech 2014)

black and white photo of Barbara McClintock, famous geneticist, using her microscope (from Smithsonian)My (mostly readable and occasionally incomplete) notes from the "Introduction to DNA for genealogists" RootsTech 2014 live video lecture. I've also included some helpful internet resources I found at the end of this post.

Software and Technology list from RootsTech 2014

blue RootsTech logo A quick list of technology (new or with new features) mentioned in the twitter stream for RootsTech 2014 (please let me know if you learn of any more I should add!).