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Online Voter Behavior and Needs: preliminary research

How can web developers make it easier for voters to keep government honest and make informed decisions in the voting booth? To begin to answer this question, I've done a preliminary survey of research on voter information behavior, especially as it relates to online usage.

Georgia healthcare & government go transparent with new web sites

Georgia's Government rolled out two new websites in January, aimed at making government and healthcare more transparent in Georgia:

Track U.S. Congress with a widget or RSS feed

I'm trying out the widget for tracking just those bills and members of Congress in which I am interested.

New president = new design for

As captured on, the new administration has changed the website for the whitehouse.


Overall, I find LexisONE: The Resource for Small Law Firms to be an excellent source for its intended audience (individual attorneys). It may also be useful for voters doing research on candidates who are lawyers or judges.

Voter checklist of things to do before election day

Abstract: A government-provided checklist of things to make sure you've done before election day.