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9 Information Architecture Patterns

Hierarchy & Database diagramDiagrams of the 4 main patterns proposed by Donna Spencer, as well as her 4 combination patterns and 1 audience-contributed IA pattern.

This presentation was given by Donna Spencer at the IA Summit 2010, in Phoenix, AZ. You can View her presentation on Slideshare and Listen to the Boxes and Arrows Podcast.

ReMIX South 2012 - Twitter highlights

conference logo Unable to attend ReMix South in Atlanta (October 19-20, 2012), but find twitter streams a bit overwhelming, lacking in context, or chronologically confusing?

Your solution: a re-organized, select set of tweets for each of the sessions. Please post comments if I've missed (or completely mis-categorized) any particularly good tweets!

How to Debug Drupal and LAMP

Atlanta Drupal Users Group logo Using a more scientific method & customer-centric approach to debugging Drupal, rather than randomly trying things, will greatly increase your productivity.

This presentation was given by Robert Ristroph at DrupalCamp Atlanta 2011.

Equally importantly, Rob gives specific tips and tools for debugging common problems in the different parts of a Drupal installation.

If my notes in this post are not enough, you can also watch a video of Rob's similar presentation in June at the Colorado DrupalCamp.

8 Principles of Information Architecture

8Dan Brown explains his 8 principles of information architecture, with occasional clandestine references to his 2009 IA Summit talks on Design Rules and Modelling Concepts.

Update: Brown has written this presentation up in the latest ASIS&T bulletin.

This presentation was given by Don Brown at the IA Summit 2010, in Phoenix, AZ. You can view the presentation on Slideshare and Listen to the Boxes and Arrows Podcast.

Summary of 80 Findings of Fact in Judge Walker's decision on Proposition 8 (Perry V. Schwarzenegger)

Court strikes down Prop 8 Federal Court Judge Walker's soon-to-be famous "80 findings of fact" were hard to scan in their original format, so I removed all those annoying (though, no doubt, necessary) citations and have created a friendlier list.

Walker overturned Proposition 8 because its proponents "fail[ed] to advance any rational basis in singling out gay men and lesbians for denial of a marriage license."

I could offer my thoughts, but I mostly want to hear yours. What did YOU find interesting about these facts?

Top 7 Recipes for Confusion: a taxonomy of miscommunication

Potato Chips as Cat FoodBoykin gives 7 recipes for confusion and tips for avoiding them in web design. I've also embedded the hilarious cat food video he created that explains the importance of designing for the cat, not the owner.

"The number 1 rule of e-commerce: make it easy for people to give you money."

This presentation was given by John Boykin at the IA Summit 2010, in Phoenix, AZ. You can Listen to the Boxes and Arrows Podcast.

Make it simple: 4 web design strategies

Remote control, originalLearn the 2 Laws of Simplicity, 4 solutions for creating simplicity (with fun remote control images), and 6 strategies for simplicity in design. Or, as Albert Einstein explained, how to "make the irreducible basic elements as simple and as few as possible without having to surrender the adequate representation of a single datum of experience."

This presentation was given by Giles Colborne at the IA Summit 2010, in Phoenix, AZ. You can view this presentation on Slideshare.

Best 5+ Firefox add-ons for web developers and designers

Mozilla Firefox LogoHere's a list of some of the most useful Firefox extensions: the top 5 for web developers and designers, 3 for everyone, and a few more untested - but possibly useful - extensions.

Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures (Review of Expanded 2009 Edition)

Book CoverIf money or portability are your primary considerations, then get a used copy of the first edition, as it communicates the central idea (the power of visual thinking for the workplace) in an almost identical fashion and is easier to schlepp on the bus. However, if a few more dollars and a slightly-bigger book don't bother you, consider buying this new edition, as it's subtly-revised diagrams and improved explanation of key brain science concepts make it easier to understand on the first read. 

For more detail on the differences between this and the previous edition, as well as a summary of the ideas discussed in the book, read on...

Familiarity and Attractiveness in Pictures and Stories for web design

How are similarity, attractiveness, pictures and stories relevant in the web development, IA and UX fields? Read these summaries and reflections on chapters 8 and 10 in Susan Weinschenk's book, "Neuro Web Design: what makes them click?", to find out.