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How to Write a Marketing Plan

Abstract: Stressing the importance of marketing for the bottom line, Kassel gives seven steps for creating a marketing plan after you've defined your target market and understood its needs.

Basic Marketing and Promotion Concepts

Abstract: Dubicki argues that libraries must market their eresources to users and gives tips on how to do so.

Managing a Statewide Virtual Reference Service: How Q and A NJ Works

Abstract: The author chronicles the beginnings and successful strategies of a 24-hour, 7-day a week virtual reference service offered statewide in New Jersey.

Digital reference access points: an analysis of usage

Abstract:Lewis & DeGroote measure and then report on digital access point usage in their library.

Library systems in the electronic era

Abstract: Using two very helpful flowcharts, Bley illustrates the different internal resource commitments needed to collect and manage print versus electronic resources and then discusses how to adapt to this disparity. A major challenge is linking authentication systems to license/access permissions.


Overall, I find LexisONE: The Resource for Small Law Firms to be an excellent source for its intended audience (individual attorneys). It may also be useful for voters doing research on candidates who are lawyers or judges.

Making Smart Licensing Decisions

Abstract: Guenther offers evaluative, negotiating, and managerial criteria for collection development with licensed, electronic resources.


Faith at the Front Desk: Spirituality and Patron Service

Abstract: Wessells argues that the neutral bastion of the public library is one of the few places remaining where a person may explore deep spiritual issues. However, in order for the library to serve these needs well, he recommends instituting more sensitive collection policies and training staff to be sensitive to spiritual queries. He recommends that librarians:

The Reference Interview: Theories and Practice

Abstract: Brown - an in-the-trenches reference librarian - focuses on how to determine what kind of information the patron needs through the reference interview.

Copyright in a Social World

Abstract: Miller gives a basic overview of and urges that students be educated in copyright law. She notes copyright's implications for online social networking using three web 2.0 examples: YouTube, MySpace, and Flickr. Finally, she discusses plagiarism both by students and of students' work.