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How to upload a scanned book to the Internet Archive

Internet Archive logo Do you want to share a book you have scanned, or written, with the Internet Archive and make it free for anyone in the world to read?

Here are step by step instructions (with pictures) of how to prepare and upload your public domain book to the Archive.

For the more advanced (or more obsessed) reader, I also give "Tips" that reveal tricks for getting the most out of your uploading experience.

Update: added a quick links section for returning readers.

Newcomer's guide to the USG IT conference at Rock Eagle

Rock Eagle logoIs this your first year attending the USG IT conference at Rock Eagle? Get some "secret" tips that will make your conference a great experience. To get a general idea of how the conference is organized, peruse the 2015 agenda (also available as a 2015 PDF schedule). And then read on for registration and parking maps, packing tips, social media links, and more! (Updated for 2015)

How to play the old Oregon Trail video game on your computer

oregon trail in green letters

Do you have fond memories of playing Oregon Trail on ancient computers? Re-capture that joy by playing the game for FREE on your Windows computer, using just a few simple steps!

Updated: added easy ways to play online (with any computer) at the Internet Archive.

AlterConf in Atlanta: diversity in tech for real (part 1)

AlterConf logoA quick synopsis (with help from twitter participants) of each awesome presentation at AlterConf in Atlanta, Georgia on February 28, 2015. This is part 1 of 2.

How to make a random key using bash shell script

Command line Below is an example shell script that creates a random alphanumeric string. It does not use awk or sed, as I was working on a locked down server at the time.

GT Drupal: Install Script, Profile, and Editor

Drupal 7 logoEnjoy the slides from my somewhat entertaining and demo-driven presentation, given at the GT Build Day on November 5, 2013.

Views WoW! (for Drupal)

Views Wow logoEnjoy the slides from my HUGELY entertaining "ViewsWoW!" presentation, given at Rock Eagle on October 25, 2013. Other presenters also sharing their slides at this Google drive

How to replace HTML tags and text in a Drupal database using phpMyAdmin and SQL

Drupal cms logo Did you validate your drupal website and realize you need to replace some unclosed HTML4 tags with XHTML strict self-closing tags? Or maybe you're adding in some ARIA roles to make your text a bit more accessible.

Lo and behold: you will suddenly need to use your web host's phpmyadmin interface and SQL to find and replace strings of text in drupal's database.

Don't panic! Here's how you do it.