Obituary of Jacob Slessman from the Columbia City (Indiana) Post in 1893

header of obituary from newspaperImage and transcript of the obituary for Jacob Slessman, age 36, son of Michael Slessman, of Whitley county, Indiana from 1893.

Obituary of B. Pearlman from Valdosta Daily Times (Georgia) in 1909

header of obituary from newspaper An abstract and PDF of the obituary for B. (Benjamin) Pearlman of Charleston, South Carolina from 1909.

Obituary of William Lazarus from Gainesville Sun (Florida) in 1987

header of obituary from newspaper Obituary and funeral notice for Mr. Bill Lazarus of Trenton, Florida from 1987.

AlterConf in Atlanta: diversity in tech for real (part 1)

AlterConf logoA quick synopsis (with help from twitter participants) of each awesome presentation at AlterConf in Atlanta, Georgia on February 28, 2015. This is part 1 of 2.

How to make a random key using bash shell script

Command line Below is an example shell script that creates a random alphanumeric string. It does not use awk or sed, as I was working on a locked down server at the time.

Obituary of H. Oppert from Clayton Courier (Alabama) in 1892

cover of book Obituary for H. Oppert of Clayton, Barbour, Alabama from 1892.

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