Designing Rules: The Engine of User Experience

To fully leverage a content management system (cms) requires clear instructions on how the cms should automatically process content. It is essential for designers to decide on and communicate these processes or rules.

Dan Brown puts design rules in the context of other deliverables, defines and explains the 3 types of design rules, and offers tips on how to ensure that you have good, standardized rules.

Designing Visually Explicit Information

A checklist for better information design, tips on how to sell your design, numerous references to books and people for learning more, a few professional habits one should acquire, and intriguing insights from the field of psychology - all in a half-day, engaging workshop on Wednesday at the IA summit. What more can an information architect ask for?!

Online Voter Behavior and Needs: preliminary research

How can web developers make it easier for voters to keep government honest and make informed decisions in the voting booth? To begin to answer this question, I've done a preliminary survey of research on voter information behavior, especially as it relates to online usage.

Evaluation of published research

Williamson’s chapter is a clear, pragmatic exemplar of the high-quality reporting it encourages. It explains not only report evaluation, but also its creation, in very helpful bullet points.

Is web linking becoming illegal? A copyright case.

Yikes and copyright, Batman! Will hyperlinks be penned in and no longer free range? A big law firm tells a web site how they can and cannot link to the law firm's web site.

How To Make a Survival Kit

If you've ever considered making yourself a survival kit (or 72-hour kit, bug-out bag, etc.), you may have ended up like me - pulling out your hair over the unending lists of things you ABSOLUTELY must include.

In an effort to help you, dear reader, as well as myself, I'm trying to organize the overwhelming amount of information I've found into manageable chunks.

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