Sharepoint vs. Drupal comparison for library intranets

Here is a quick, brief comparison of Drupal and Sharepoint as options for a library intranet.

The User-Centered Approach: How We Got Here

Using Fidel's 2000 article, I explore how a user-centered approach could be applied to my work in web development, especially to the voter information site I hope someday to perfect.

Georgia healthcare & government go transparent with new web sites

Georgia's Government rolled out two new websites in January, aimed at making government and healthcare more transparent in Georgia:

Track U.S. Congress with a widget or RSS feed

I'm trying out the widget for tracking just those bills and members of Congress in which I am interested.

How to create and use Dreamweaver templates, part 2: wireframes

Dreamweaver logoA follow-up to Part 1: introducing Dreamweaver Templates, this post urges you to pause before you start coding and to create a very basic design using wireframes first.

New president = new design for

As captured on, the new administration has changed the website for the whitehouse.

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