Marriage record of Amelia Marie Fox and Herman Ray Frank of Wayne, Indiana in 1904

header of marriage register page Abstract (as well as links to original document image) of the marriage record of Amelia Marie Fox and Herman Ray Frank in Wayne, Indiana, United States from 1904.

Estate of David Frank of Darke, Ohio in 1866

header of estate papers Transcripts of various estate records (including children's guardianship) for David Frank of Darke county, Ohio from 1866 to 1869. [Download record images as PDF (6 MB).]

James Hedges, Letters to the Surveyor General, 1809-1811

Hedges signature from one of these lettersFour letters sent by James Hedges (while in St. Clairsville, Belmont, Ohio) to Jared Mansfield (U.S. Surveyor General) from 1809 to 1811. Note that James was not listed in the index to volume 1 or 4 of these collections. Download the images of these letters as a PDF (6 MB).

Obituary of George C. Pence from the Hardin (Iowa) Sentinel in 1865

header of obituary from newspaper An obituary for George C. Pence of Hardin county, Iowa (and also Whitley county, Indiana) from 1865.

Administration notice for estate of David Frank from the Greenville (Ohio) Journal in 1866

header of notice from newspaper Transcript and image of the notice of Administration for the estate of David Frank of Darke county, Ohio from the Greenville (Ohio) Journal in 1866.

Marriage record of Elsie Hettinger and Thomas Rhodes of Whitley, Indiana in 1922

header of marriage page Abstract of the marriage license and certificate of Elsie (Hettinger) Sleesman and Thomas A. Rhodes in Whitley, Indiana, United States from 1922.

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