Where to research the 2017 Georgia Elections (political candidates and ballot questions), with DeKalb county examples

DeKalb County sealQuick and helpful tools for researching candidates and ballot measures for the current elections in Georgia.

Using DeKalb county as an example, I also show you great places to learn more about your local races! With a has a newly-updated quickstart section, this is a detailed follow-up to my introductory post on how to research political candidates.

How to find and request City Clerk Marriage Licenses from New York, between 1908 and 1929

header of sample NYC affidavit page Learn how to find and request copies of New York City (NYC) Clerk Marriage Licenses using free online indexes from 1908 to 1929.

How to upload a scanned book to the Internet Archive

Internet Archive logo Do you want to share a book you have scanned, or written, with the Internet Archive and make it free for anyone in the world to read?

Here are step by step instructions (with pictures) of how to prepare and upload your public domain book to the Archive.

For the more advanced (or more obsessed) reader, I also give "Tips" that reveal tricks for getting the most out of your uploading experience.

Update: added a quick links section for returning readers.

Backing up and migrating: where content is stored in Drupal database tables and files

Drupal logo surrounded by data-related icons You need to backup your Drupal 7 database and site, possibly because you have finished testing and want to move it to the live web server. The problem: you don't want to waste space backing up LARGE tables or files that you don't need, but are unsure which tables and files in your Drupal site to ignore. The solution: Adelle's guide to Drupal 7 tables and files (see below).

9 Information Architecture Patterns

Hierarchy & Database diagramDiagrams of the 4 main patterns proposed by Donna Spencer, as well as her 4 combination patterns and 1 audience-contributed IA pattern.

This presentation was given by Donna Spencer at the IA Summit 2010, in Phoenix, AZ. You can View her presentation on Slideshare and Listen to the Boxes and Arrows Podcast.

Passport for Gloria (Duarte y Ruiz) Valera of Cuba in 1961

Gloria's photoAbstract of the passport for Gloria Maria Candida del Rosario (Duarte y Ruiz) Valera of Cuba, from 1961. Includes a summary of key information and a downloadable file of the scanned passport.